Visa for studying Chinese purpose


Studying Chinese-Detailed information on visa


1. Foreign passport holders who had ever engaged in the jobs specified in items 8 to 10, paragraph 1, article 46 of Employment Services Act or who come from the " designated countries "

(please refer to Procedures for Nationals of the Designated Countries Applying for Visitor Visas to the Republic of China(R.O.C.) )are not eligible for visitor visas for studying Chinese purpose.

Applicants who hold China, Hong Kong, Macao passport are not eligible for visitor visas for studying Chinese purpose.

2. Foreigners over 18 years old, with a high school diploma or its equivalent are welcomed to join our classes.


Application procedure

Step 1-Confirm the Chinese program you want to register and prepare application materials

Confirm course information → Decide the Chinese program → Prepare application materials

▲Application materials for visa for studying Chinese purpose:

1. Color ID photo.  PS. Jpg format only( 1 MB). The recommended size would be 4x6 inch or 600x900dpi.

2. A photocopy of the highest degree

PS. The English or Chinese version of the highest degree document is only acceptable if it is translated by a qualified translator.

If you want to study in Taiwan for an undergraduate or graduate program, we suggest your highest degree document and transcript should be authenticated by a Taiwan Overseas Representative Office, an institute established or appointed by the Executive Yuan, or a private agency commissioned by the Executive Yuan.

3. A bank statement issued within 3 months. At least 2,500 USD (If you using a family member's financial statement, you should upload a financial guarantee and the passport of the guarantor).

Please upload the application form of Huayu Enrichment scholarship if you want to apply for it.

If your Huayu Enrichment scholarship application is not approved, please upload a bank statement issued within 3 months.

4. A photocopy of your passport (Your validity period of passport should cover your study in Taiwan. Ideally, your passport should still have at least 6 months of validity.)

*Visa notices for applicants from Vietnam

Applicants who hold China, Hong Kong, Macao passport are not eligible for visitor visas for studying Chinese purpose.

*According to the rules of Taiwan Ministry of Education, students who have visitor visa for studying Chinese purpose should take at least 15 hours of Chinese classes per week and can't work at the first year of study.

▲Application materials for other visas


Step 2-Sign up

Click " Register now " and upload application materials according to step 1.

Step 3-Review

It takes approximately 2 or 3 weeks for us to process your application.

If the review fails, we will request a supplement.

Once approved, your admission letter will be sent to you via E-mail.

The Language Center provides the electronic admission letter for now.

If ROC embassy requires a paper admission letter, we will send the paper one to the address you filled in on the application system.

* We have the right to ask applicants to submit other materials which is not mentioned on the website,

such as language proficiency certificate, requesting payment for the tuition fee in advance, etc.

We also have the right to refuse to send the admission notice.

*If you would like to extend your study, please ask for a deferred letter from us.


Step 4-Apply for a visa

Please access the visa application computer system of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan) to fill out the application form online and print it out.
Submit the documents and pay the visa fee at the nearest ROC embassy, consulate or representative agency to apply for a visitor visa for studying Chinese purpose.

*According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC, as a sovereign nation, the ROC has the right to refuse applications for visas without providing any explanation for such decisions; visa application fee is not refundable.

*You can visit the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to know more information about visa for studying Chinese purpose.


The duration of stay of visitor visa would be around 60 to 90 days.

The visitor visa for studying Chinese purpose can be extended without leaving Taiwan.

Here is the sample of visitor visa for Studying Chinese Purpose.

1. Visa for Studying Chinese Purpose is visitor visa. Huayu Enrichment Scholarship recipients who have a resident visa for studying Chinese purpose are required to apply for an Alien Resident Certificates (ARC) and re-entry permit within 15 days after arrival.
2. Students must arrive in Taiwan before the date written on the visa.
3. Visitor visa for the purpose of studying Chinese is normally valid for 60 or 90 days.
4. If students plan to go abroad and return again during their period of study, they must apply for multiple entry visas from their own countries.

5. Visa number
6. The remark on the visitor visa for the purpose of studying Chinese must be FR-國立彰化師範大學語文中心


Step 5-Fill out the Study confirmation

Once you got the visa, please contact us.

The language center will inform you to fill out the Study confirmation and upload your photo of visa on the application system after your application has been approved.

The pick-up serviceschool dormitory confirmation, bedding purchase would be available while filling out the study confirmation. 


Step 6. Register 

Come to the language center on the registration date.

*Please confirm your flight with us before your arrival. 
Students should take responsibility once they can’t complete the course with valid visa due to their early arrival.

Frequently asked question

You can visit our website of FAQ to know more about the visa issue, or contact the nearest ROC embassy, consulate or representative agency, or the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC, or the website of information for foreigners in Taiwan. 

Life Counseling Service Hotline for Foreigners in Taiwan: 0800-024-111

Please confirm the visa regulation before coming to Taiwan.