Chinese teacher training courses


Chinese teacher training courses

Course features

The center invites teachers with rich Chinese language research and great experience in teaching field to give lectures.

The lectures can help to increase your professional Chinese language ability, and to better understand the theories in Chinese language teaching and to learn the actual teaching situation.

This also helps participants to enter into the world of Chinese language teaching through the interaction and exercises about Chinese language.

In response to the Ministry of Education’s "Certification Examination for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language", the review for exam subjects is strengthened. For those who perform well will have the opportunity to become a Chinese language tutor in the Language Center, and even have a chance to become a reserve Chinese teacher!



Applicants must meet one of the following qualifications:
1. Those who have interest in teaching Chinese, and local citizens over 18 years old can sign up.
2. All students, regardless of subject and major, in local colleges and universities who are interested in teaching Chinese can sign up.



Course information

General Situation and Prospects in Chinese Language Teaching Multimedia Teaching and Digital Learning of Chinese Language
Chinese Oral Expression Chinese Language Teaching
Chinese Grammar and Teaching Chinese Teaching Materials and Instructions
Chinese Phonetics Teaching Demo and Performance Evaluation
Chinese Linguistics Classroom Activities and Class  Management
Chinese Character Theory and Teaching Introductory and Elementary Level Chinese Teaching
Chinese Lexicology Intermediate and Advanced level Chinese Teaching
Chinese Society and Culture Curriculum Design and Lesson Plan Writing
Second Language Acquirement Performance Evaluation and Simulated Teaching
Interlanguage Analysis Chinese Language Proficiency Test and Assessment

(Note: The subjects are for reference only, the content of each course may be adjusted according to the actual situation)