Seasonal Chinese Program

3-month group class for the Seasonal Chinese Program is available.

Online Mandarin Course

Let's learn Chinese at home!

Credit Chinese Course

Only for international students, oversea students and exchange students at NCUE.

Chinese study tours

We arrange off campus teaching activities and integrate the Chinese lessons with local events.

The only one national university in Changhua

We provide every kind of Chinese program.

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Language Center of NCUE

I am learning Mandarin in NCUE

The Language Center of National Changhua University of Education has top teachers and a stimulating environment. You can also meet classmates from many different countries at the same time. When you learn Chinese here, you can experience the local culture—handmade drinks, traditional street food, night markets, temples, …. You can learn Chinese here at the Language Center and use it everywhere in your daily life. Come and join us at NCUE.


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Features of our programs

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    Different levels Small classes

    We provide classes from beginning to advanced levels. There are 5 to 12 students in each class.

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    Various classes

    We provide culture classes with various
    topics, including paper cutting, calligraphy, etc. We arrange off campus teaching activities and integrate the Chinese lessons with local events, which giving different experiences. In this way, the students can learn Chinese, learn about Changhua.

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    Personal tutor

    We provide Mandarin study partner for you.You can practice Chinese with your partner once a week, one hour every time.

Our students’ experiences

Our students’ experiences


張優尼Luumi Joni Juhani

I studied Chinese language in Language Center of NCUE in Changhua, Taiwan for two semesters.
For me living in Changhua, studying Chinese sure was one of the most unforgettable things I have experienced in my life.
I had 15 hours of classes in a week, which to me seemed like a little too few, but later I actually was happy that I also had time to explore the city and use and learn the language ”in real life”.
The teachers at school were all very good and eager to answer my questions even outside of school times.
The athmospere in the school was pretty relaxed. The staff was friendly, helpful and always seem to have time for chitchat as well.
They made me feel that they really cared about me and my language learning.

張優尼Luumi Joni Juhani
李南璟Namkyung Lee

Everyone always asks me why I choose to study at 彰師大.
I know many students come to big cities in Taiwan for studying.
They would enjoy famous and convenient things.
Of course they are also nice cities. But what made here especially better is, it is able to experience Taiwanese culture instead of just studying Chinese.
The campus which is surrounded by mountains is calm and refreshing.
Every staff, teacher and student cares about us and want to have meaningful conversation all the time.
I'm sure it would be a lovely place for someone who might want to see other sides of Taiwan.

李南璟Namkyung Lee
茉莉花Yasemin Dursun


茉莉花Yasemin Dursun