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1.The Chinese Learning Program is an accredited program that applies only to current international students, Oversea Chinese students and exchange students at National Changhua University of Education.

2.The Chinese Training Courses are accredited by NCUE; however, the department may decide whether these credits are allowed to take as graduation credits in the academic program.

3.International students whose native language is not Chinese or their second language is Chinese should take the Mandarin Chinese courses appropriate for their levels under the evaluation of the Language Center at NCUE. The compulsory "Freshman Chinese courses" and "Advanced Chinese courses" (under the category of Chinese courses) and "Advanced English and Second Language courses"  (under the category of Advanced English and Foreign Languages) offered by the General Education Center could be waived by these Mandarin Chinese courses offered by Language Center.

4.The accredited Chinese courses are all elective courses in NCUE. Label I classes are not prerequisite for taking label II classes. After the evaluation of the Language Center at NCUE, the international students can take label II classes even they do not take label 1 classes first.

Accredited Chinese Course for 2nd semester of Academic Year 2023 (From 19th Feb. 2024 to 21th June 2024)

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Basic Chinese Spoken Language and Oral Expression II


Language Center 201

Elective courses Monday. 9:05-12:00 Zhi Xuan Zhou Below A1 

Elementary Chinese Language and Culture II

3 Language Center 401 Elective courses

Friday. 9:05-12:00

Pei Yu Liu A1-A2

Intermediate Business Chinese II

3 Language Center 202 Elective courses Wednesday. 13:10-16:05 Rou Zhen Huang above B1