Introduction of division of Chinese


Language Center of NCUE

Our language center has been an authorized institution to learn Chinese as a second language for foreign students since 2014.
In addition to providing a wide range of Chinese language courses, occasionally, we also hold Mandarin-related lectures and cultural-exchange activities.
We are committed to providing different types of Chinese language lessons and activities for foreign students who come from different countries.


The history of division of Chinese

The Language Center at NCUE was founded in 2008.The primary mission is to help students increase their language ability so that they can broaden the world view and become competitive internationally.The Language Center also gives people from the community an opportunity to take classes in a relaxed atmosphere, so that their confidence in learning a language, or languages, will increase.


Organization of language center

  • Chinese division: Chinese language learning, Chinese language proficiency tests, etc.
  • Office of International Foundation Program: Chinese preparation programs issues.
  • Foreign division: Foreign language learning, foreign language proficiency tests, etc.
  • General affairs division: Administration, promotion, and other related affairs.

Service hours

(Academic semesters)Monday to Friday 09:00 ~ 17:00
(Summer / Winter vacation)Monday to Friday 09:00 ~ 16:30

•Language Center will be closed on public holidays.
•Other special non-working days will be announced.

Established in


Number of teachers


Number of different countries


Number of students accumulated


Contact us

  • No.108, Xueshi St., Changhua City 500041, Taiwan

  • +8864 - 7232105 -1663

  • +8864 - 7211226



How to get to the Language Center at NCUE

Taiwan Railway

At the Changhua train station ride the「Taichung Bus」bus number 101,and get down at National Changhua University of Education, then walk for five minutes.

Sun Yat-sen Freeway

  • Go south via the highway. Take the Wangtian Interchange towards Changhua, pass by Dadu Bridge, go straight along Zhongshan Road passing by Taihua Chemical Factory and a 7-11. Turn left at Lixing Road and continue straight. Follow the signs to reach the destination.
  • Go north via highway. Take the Changhua Interchange towards Changhua, go straight along Zhonghua West Road, Zhonghua Road, Kongmen Road and Zhongshan Road. Turn right at Lixing Road and continue straight. Follow the signs to reach the destination.

National Freeway 3

From the Kuaiguan Interchange (towards Changhua) and take the Zhongzhang Expressway (Expressway 74). Exit at the ZhongzhangNiupu Interchange (Fenyuan) and turn right at Changnan Road. Turn left at Zhongshan Road and pass by Taihua Chemical Factory. Turn left at Lixing Road and continue straight. Follow the signs to reach the destination.

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Get off at Taichung (Wuri)High Speed Rail Station, then take the「Taichung Bus」number 101 or「Changhua Bus」Taichung-Lukang Route or「Yuanlin Bus」Taichung to Xigang Route or Taichung to Xiluo Route. Get down at National Changhua University of Education and walk for 10 minutes. (Note: If there are any changes in the above information, announcement by the High SpeedRail shall prevail.


Jin-De campus map

  • 01.Front Gate
  • 02.Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling
  • 03.Department of Special Education
  • 04.General Purpose Building
  • 05.Baisha Building (Main Administrative Building)
  • 06.Student Activity Center
  • 07.Gymnasium / Department of Sports
  • 08.Department of Chinese
  • 09.Department of Physics, Biology, Chemistry
  • 10.Department of English

  • 11.Instructional Building
  • 12.Department of Geography
  • 13.Department of Fine Arts
  • 14.Library
  • 15.Department of Mathematics
  • 16.Department of Guidance and Counseling
  • 17.Student Canteen
  • 18.Dormitory
  • 19.Language Center
  • 20.Swimming Pool
  • 21.Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature
  • 22.Activity Center