Visa for non-studying Chinese purpose


Non-studying Chinese

Step 1-Confirm the Chinese program you want to register and prepare application materials

Confirm course information → Decide the Chinese program → Prepare application materials

▲Application materials for visa for studying Chinese purpose

▲Application materials for other visas:

1. Color ID photo.  PS. Jpg format only(1 MB). The recommended size would be 4x6 inch or 600x900dpi.

2. A photocopy of passport and Alien Resident Certificate(If you have) If the applicant is Taiwanese, he/she should upload Republic of China national identification card or passport instead.

*For applicants have a student, visitor visa, visa-free or ARC, and can finish the Chinese program during the validity of the visa.

*The language center won't issue admission permit for other visa. You can visit the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC to know more about visa issue.


Step 2-Sign up

Click " Register now " and upload application materials according to step 1.

Step 3-Review

We will tell you the results of your applications.


Step 4-Fill out the Study confirmation

The language center will inform you to fill out the Study confirmation on the application system after your application has been approved.

The pick-up serviceschool dormitory confirmation, bedding purchase would be available while filling out the study confirmation. 


Step 5. Register 

Come to the language center on the registration date.