Visa for non-studying Chinese purpose


Non-studying Chinese

Step 1-Confirm the Chinese program you want to register and prepare application materials

Confirm course information、necessary expenses(Tuition and other fees) → Decide the Chinese program → Prepare application materials

▲Application materials for visa for studying Chinese purpose

▲Application materials for other visas:

1. Color ID photo.  PS. Jpg format only(1 MB). The recommended size would be 4x6 inch or 600x900dpi.

2. A photocopy of passport and Alien Resident Certificate(If you have) If the applicant is Taiwanese, he/she should upload Republic of China national identification card or passport instead.

*For applicants have a student, visitor visa, visa-free or ARC, and can finish the Chinese program during the validity of the visa.

*The language center won't issue admission permit for other visa. You can visit the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC to know more about visa issue.


Step 2-Sign up

Click " Register now " and upload application materials according to step 1. If you want to apply for our school dorm, please choose the option on the application system.

Step 3-Review

We will tell you the results of your applications.


Step 4-Fill out the Study confirmation

The language center will inform you to fill out the Study confirmation on the application system after your application has been approved.

The pick-up serviceschool dormitory confirmation, bedding purchase would be available while filling out the study confirmation. 

*We have the right to cancel your application if you didn't finish the Study confirmation during the designated period.


Step 5. Register 

Please finish your payment and register before the registration date. 

We will notify you of another payment method if you can't register on the registration date. 

*Please finish your registration and dorm check-in during the period of service time.

Period Service hours
Academic semesters Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Winter and summer vacations Monday to Thursday, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Please visit the website to know the date period of academic semesters and winter and summer vacations.