外交部臺灣獎學金MOFA Taiwan Scholarship


The Scholarship is, in principle, granted to students from countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. However, special consideration may also be given to students from other countries. These guidelines are not applicable to students from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. 

Scholarship recipients may study on the following: 

1. The pre-degree Mandarin Language Enrichment Program (LEP): Recipients may take the LEP for a maximum of one year at Mandarin-teaching institutions (hereinafter “Mandarin Training Centers”) affiliated with a university or college accredited by the Ministry of Education. 
2. Degree programs: Recipients may apply for admission to any degree program leading to an undergraduate, master or doctoral degree, excluding in-service programs. 


Financial assistance

Scholarship recipients will be given a monthly stipend of NT$25,000 for the LEP and NT$30,000 for degree programs. Recipients are responsible for all expenses during their stay in Taiwan.

MOFA will not provide any other subsidies. MOFA will, however, provide recipients with one-way, economy-class plane tickets for direct flights to and from Taiwan.

Universities and colleges may offer Scholarship recipients reduced tuition and miscellaneous fees. 

The above paragraph is not applicable to recipients of the pre-degree Huayu (Mandarin) Enrichment Scholarship who began receiving stipends before these guidelines took effect. Such recipients will continue to be paid the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship in accordance with the original regulations up until the end of the award period.

Scholarship Duration and Time Limits

1. Pre-degree LEP: one year. 
2. Degree programs: 
(1) Undergraduate program: four years maximum 
(2) Master’s program: two years maximum 
(3) Doctoral program: four years maximum  

Award periods must be continuous, with no breaks, and cannot exceed a total of five years. 



An applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Is a high school graduate or above with an excellent academic record, of good moral character and has no criminal record.   
2. Is not a national of the Republic of China (Taiwan).   
3. Is not an overseas compatriot student.   
4. Has never attended an educational institution in Taiwan at the same level of degree or LEP that he/she intends to apply for.  
5. Is not an exchange student through any cooperation agreement between a foreign university/college and an educational institute in Taiwan while receiving the Scholarship.   
6. Has not previously had a Scholarship revoked by an ROC government agency or other relevant institution.  


Where to Submit Your Application

ROC embassies, consulates, representative offices and their branch offices (hereinafter “diplomatic missions”)


Scholarship quotas    

Scholarship quotas will be specified on a yearly basis and depend on MOFA’s annual budget.

Application Dates

The yearly application period is, in principle, from February 1 to March 31. However, the actual application period will be in accordance with the general application rules of individual diplomatic missions.



Applicants should submit the following documents to the ROC diplomatic mission responsible for their home country:

1. A completed application form.
2. A photocopy of their passport or other documents that prove nationality.
  A photocopy of the highest-level diploma or certificate of equivalent educational level and a complete grade transcript. 
If issued by a foreign educational institution, these documents must be authenticated by an ROC diplomatic mission, or directly mailed by the foreign educational institution the applicant attended to the educational institution they plan to matriculate at (if these documents are in languages other than Chinese or English, a Chinese or an English translation should be provided). 
3. Documents to certify that they have applied to an educational institution or its affiliated Mandarin Training Center, such as photocopies of the application fee receipt, the application form and a note of reply or email from the educational institution. 
4. For those applying for degree programs taught in Chinese, a photocopy of a TOCFL transcript or certificate for Level 2 or above.
5. A photocopy of a TOEFL transcript, a certificate of English proficiency approved by the applicant’s government, or documents to certify that the applicant has graduated from a program taught in English. This does not apply to applicants whose official national language is English. 
6. If applicants are unable to provide the above proof of English proficiency due to special circumstances, the diplomatic mission may assess their level of language proficiency through interviews or other tests. 
7. Other documents requested by diplomatic missions accepting the application.


Selection process

1. Diplomatic missions should examine the academic records and moral character of the applicants, and decide who to recommend. 
2. Applicant grade averages should be above those of students at the same level from local schools.
3. After compiling and examining the information provided by applicants, diplomatic missions should sort them in order of priority, then submit their Diplomatic Missions’ Preliminary Evaluation, as well as their Diplomatic Missions’ Recommendation List and Waiting List, to MOFA no later than April 15 every year. 
4. MOFA will then form a review committee to select recipients and announce the name list no later than June 30 every year.
5. Recipients should submit a photocopy of the admission letter, as well as the signed Terms of Agreement for the Taiwan Scholarship Program, to diplomatic missions no later than July 15 every year. 
Those failing to do so will be deemed to have given up the Scholarship.
6. Diplomatic missions should submit details of the recipients to the Information Platform for the Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program Office (hereinafter the “Information Platform”) no later than July 31 every year. 
A list of recipients printed out from the Information Platform should be mailed to MOFA, as well as to the Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program Office, with copies also sent to the Bureau of Consular Affair, the National Immigration Agency and the educational institution or Mandarin Training Center that applicants plan to matriculate at, along with all the necessary attachments.


Other Important Provisions

1. Recipients taking the LEP should submit a photocopy of the TOCFL Level 2 certificates for listening and reading by June of the year after their arrival. 
Those failing to do so will be disqualified from receiving the Scholarship for degree programs. Recipients should pay TOCFL fees themselves. 
2. Recipients taking the LEP may have their stipends suspended by MOFA for one month under the following circumstances: 
  a. Absence from language classes for 12 or more hours in a single month, except in cases of serious illness or accident.
  b. Failure to achieve an average score of 80 percent or above beginning from the second term/quarter of study in Taiwan. 
Recipients failing to achieve a specified minimum academic average score for a semester in a degree program will have their 
stipends suspended for one month. 
If their educational institution does not set such a score, then the minimum academic average score will be 60 percent for undergraduates and 70 percent for postgraduate students. 
  Recipients enrolled for a degree program who do not attend class or leave the country without permission from their educational institutions, except during summer and winter vacations, or when writing a dissertation or thesis, will have their stipends for the months they are absent suspended. 
If recipients who have had their Scholarship stipends suspended transfer to another educational institution before the suspension takes effect, the original educational institution must instruct the other in writing to deduct the stipends. 
3. MOFA may permanently disqualify recipients from the Scholarship if they:
  a. Fail to submit a photocopy of their Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), marked ‘Study’, to their educational institution at the time of enrollment. 
  b. Reside in Taiwan for reasons other than pursuing studies.
  c. Are expelled or suspended from their studies or given any major demerits by their educational institution as a consequence of violating ROC laws.
  d. Are concurrently in receipt of another scholarship or subsidy offered by the ROC government or educational institution in Taiwan.
  e. Fail to achieve an average score of 80 percent or above for two consecutive terms/quarters in the LEP, beginning from the second term/quarter of study in Taiwan. 
  f. Fail to achieve a specified minimum academic average or an average score of 60 percent or above for two consecutive semesters in an undergraduate program. 
  g. Fail to achieve a specified minimum academic average or an average score of 70 percent or above for two consecutive semesters in a graduate program. 
  h. Do not attend class or leave Taiwan for more than two months without permission from their educational institution, except for summer and winter vacations, or when writing a dissertation or thesis. 
  Where the situation described in Paragraph 4 arises, MOFA will recover the Scholarship stipends already drawn by recipients. 
Educational institutions (or Mandarin Training Centers) should cease disbursing stipends from the month following disqualification.  
4. Recipients taking the LEP are not allowed to transfer to another Mandarin Training Center.
Recipients on degree programs are allowed to transfer to another department or educational institution once only.  


 Laws and regulations

Please visit the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of China (Taiwan) 


 Other information

For more information, please visit the website of Taiwan Scholarships and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program

Tel: 886-2-2882-4564 ext. 2396

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Please refer to their website once the information is changed.