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Accommodations-School dormitory

The language center of NCUE provides school dormitory for international students. For the sake of safety, NCUE will give priority to international students in providing dormitory.  For personal hygiene, our dormitory will not provide bed sheets and mattresses.  Washing facilities and lounges are available in the dormitory building. However, cooking is strictly prohibited. Our school has 6 dormitory buildings on campus for undergraduate and graduate students.  One building for undergraduate male students, three for undergraduate female students, one co-ed dorm for undergraduate and one co-ed dorm for graduate students The total number of beds is 2652, 1222 for males and 1430 for females.Here is the link of photo of school dormitories of NCUEMore photos can be found on the website of Office of Student Affairs of NCUE.Here is the residential fees of school dormitory in NCUEHere is the information of room equipment, The room is furnished with, desks, desk lamps, beds bookshelves, cabinets, chairs,  curtains and an air conditioner. Internet ports are also available in each room.  Each room is equipped with a dormitory telephone. There are also windows in every room, so safety and ventilation is not a problem.

Here is the information of public facilities, There are vending machines, lounges, RO water dispensers, public showers and bathrooms, coin-operated laundry machines, coin-operated spin dryers, and clothesline area on each floor.Here is the information of dormitory regulations, The dorm buildings are each accessible with a swipe card. There are also students in charge of dormitory services on each floor to help students with accommodation  problems.

Here is the information of dormitory bed size.




If there are any changes to the above information, please refer to our school's Office of Student Affairs announcements.

The dorm check-in times schedule:

Period Service hours
Academic semesters Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Winter and summer vacations Monday to Thursday, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Please visit the website to know the date period of academic semesters, winter and summer vacations and other holidays.