Seasonal Chinese program


Seasonal Chinese program-Application materials

▲Application materials for visa for studying Chinese purpose:

1. Color ID photo.  PS. Jpg format only(1MB). The recommended size would be 4x6 inch or 600x900dpi.

2. A photocopy of the highest degree

PS.The English or Chinese version of the highest degree document is only acceptable if it is translated by a qualified translator.

If you want to study in Taiwan for undergraduate or graduate program, we suggest your highest degree document and transcript should be authenticated by a Taiwan Overseas Representative Office, an institute established or appointed by the Executive Yuan, or a private agency commissioned by the Executive Yuan.

3. A bank statement issued within 3 months. At least 2,500 USD (If you using a family member's financial statement, you should upload a financial guarantee and the passport of the guarantor).

Please upload the application form of Huayu Enrichment scholarship if you want to apply for it.

If your Huayu Enrichment scholarship application is not approved, please upload a bank statement issued within 3 months.

4. A photocopy of passport (Your validity period of passport should cover your study in Taiwan. Ideally, your passport should still have at least 6 months validity.)

*Visa notices for applicants from Vietnam

Applicants who hold China, Hong Kong, Macao passport are not eligible for visitor visas for studying Chinese purpose.

*According to the rules of Taiwan Ministry of Education, students who have visitor visa for studying Chinese purpose should take at least 15 hours of Chinese classes per week and can't work at the first year of study.


▲Application materials for other visas:

1. Color ID photo.  PS. Jpg format only(1 MB). The recommended size would be 4x6 inch or 600x900dpi.

2. A photocopy of passport and Alien Resident Certicate(If you have)

*If the applicant is Taiwanese, he/she should upload Republic of China national identification card or passport instead.

*For applicants have a student, visitor visa, visa-free or ARC, and can finish the Chinese program during the validity of the visa.