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2022 NCUE Chinese Program Winter Session


2022 NCUE Chinese Program Winter Session


**Please go to your classroom on time, based on the results of the placement test.**

Introductory Courses
Basic Courses
Elementary   Courses 1
intermediate  Courses 2
Course level 入門 Introductory 基礎 Basic 初級 Elementary   Courses


TOCFL Have never learned Chinese before or Have learned Pinyin before under TOCFL A1 TOCFL A1-A2 TOCFL B1


A Course in Contemporary Chinese

Textbook 1 L1-7 Textbook 1 L8-15 Textbook 2 L1-7 Textbook 3 L7-12

Please choose the courses according to your Chinese level.
If you need any help please feel free to contact us.


1. Foreigners over 18 years old, with a high school diploma or its equivalent, are welcomed to join our classes.

2. Foreigners who lived in Taiwan and take visitor visa or visa-free to Taiwan.

▲Registration date : Nov. 28, 2022

1. Tuition Fee :NTD 22,500 for 15 hours per week or NTD 200 per hour for less than 15 hours per week

(At least four hours a week and total course hours must be more than 30 hours or pay for 3 months.)

2. Registration Fee:for other visa NT$100

3. Textbooks are not included in the fees (All sales of textbooks are final.)

Total Hours of class time:15 class hours per week. The total class hours is 150 hours.

▲Application procedure:Click the "Register" upper right hand corner of the window and apply for the Chinese program on the application system.

▲Application materials:http://lcch.ncue.edu.tw/curriculum_season/17?lang=en

▲Contact person:

 Phone Number 04-7232105#1672
 E-mail nancy0714@cc.ncue.edu.tw
 Office Address No.108, Xueshi St., Changhua City 500041, Taiwan