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Online Mandarin Course-Course Information

Course Features

We offer you suitable and professional instructors and courses according to your need of Chinese learning, personal interest,

the result of your online survey and the free pre-course test.

We will help you customize the courses based on your learning background, Chinese capability, personal preferences, the class time and interests, etc.

Course Time

50 minutes per class. We recommend students study 4-6 hours per week and last for 3 months will be more efficient.

Course time will be arranged according to your schedule.

Please discuss with the administration staff to arrange the weekly class hours and the number of sessions.


Charge Form

Individual Courses Tuition (total) Tuition (per class)
5 classes NT$4,000 NT$800
20 classes NT$15,200 NT$760
30 classes NT$21,600 NT$720


Group of 2 Students Tuition/each person


(per class)
Extra classes for
Paying tuition for 2
10 classes NT$5,500 NT$550  1 class
20 classes NT$10,000 NT$500  2 classes
30 classes NT$14,250 NT$475  3 classes
50 classes NT$22,500 NT$450  5 classes


1. 不包含教材費用

2. 包班需一次繳交2人費用