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1.The Chinese Learning Program is an accredited program that applies only to current international students, Oversea Chinese students and exchange students at National Changhua University of Education.

2.The Chinese Training Courses are accredited by NCUE; however, the department may decide whether these credits are allowed to take as graduation credits in the academic program.

3.International students and Oversea Chinese students at undergraduate level whose native language or second language is not Chinese should take competence-appropriate Chinese learning courses under the evaluation of the NCUE language Center. The Chinese course mandated by the General Education Center may be waived by such courses.


Accredited Chinese Course for 1st semester of Academic Year 2021

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Chinese Communication in Context I



Distant learning with Google Meet
Elective courses
Monday. 9:05-12:00 Zhi Xuan Zhou Have never learned Chinese before or have learned Pinyin system
Elementary Chinese Listening and Speaking I Language Center 3rd Conference room Wednesday. 9:05-12:00 Zhi Xuan Zhou 1 years to 2 years
Intermediate Chinese Reading and Writing I Friday. 9:05-12:00 Rou Zhen Huang More than 2 years